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Halloween @ Home!!

We provide the goodies in treat bags, you simply have a treasure hunt, & afterwards a cosy party at home, with your sweets, hot chocolate & ice cream!

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This pack contains:

  • Storm in a Teacup Vanilla Ice Cream (enough for 6+ people)

  • 6 x Ferrero Hot Chocolates (ready for you to just add warm milk!)

  • 10 x Trick or Treat 'Treasure Hunt Bags'* FOR EACH CHILD

  • Sparklers (age 6+) or Glow Sticks (age 3+) FOR EACH CHILD

In addition to the above:  cups, spoons, syrups & a personalised message (written on a card). We'll also include ideas for games, & a link to halloween music! Keep an eye on our page also, for competitions that week x​

*The trick or treat bags will be full of goodies (crisps, sweets, ice cream toppings, toffee apples, popcorn, jellies etc) - packs may vary slightly

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